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  • Last modified: June 23, 2016
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Review Summary:

Right downtown just off 16th Street Mall, so if you work/live in the downtown hood and don’t have to battle downtown parking, this is a cool little spot. So little, it has no website really. Just a landing page that goes to some social. Which I think is awesome. Why do all that when you don’t need too? (But, Little Owl peeps if you happen to be reading this, I would recommend that you at least make the address link on your landing page clickable. Make it easy for us to find ya when we are on the road or on foot.) Their yelp and social links are below for a sneak peek at this sleek, lovely, buzzin’ place.

Sleek, Lovely, and Buzzin’

LOCATION: Little Owl Coffee, Downtown, Denver, Colorado

PARKING: Downtown, ‘nuff said. BUT, if you are a CAR2GO freak like I am, there are TWO CAR2GO spots, right outside their door.  One of those things, you just need to know before you go! And that scored them one more star on the parking.

WIFI: Solid connection, free.

OUTLETS: I was only there for a brief meeting and didn’t see any.

TEAM WORK/MEETING SPACE: I was there for a meeting with 3 people from the Denver Post and we just happened to score the 4 seats at the bar on the window. It was super packed. We got it done, but wouldn’t recommend for a meeting space. Probably not even a two person meeting. They have a few little tables outside on the patio, so good for coffee with friends, but would keep it on the radar for social or solo coffee runs.

ATMOSPHERE: Buzzing. We were there around late lunchtime, so not sure what it is like all day or on the weekends. But it is in the base of a big business building, and right downtown, so guessing always a little nutso. But, it was a cool vibe, not like Starbucks in the mall on Black Friday nutso.

OWNERS/STAFF: Cool and friendly baristas. And the concierges in the building’s lobby were also, very nice and friendly. The Yelpers seem to love them and uploaded plenty of pics to help you know before you go.

Connect with them on social for a preview. And of course, tell ‘em Kickass Carleen sent ya.

What about the coffee and the food?  Coffee is so specific to the person that we aren’t going there in the Buzzed Coffee Biz Reviews. Insider tip: Coffee meeting requests are cool, but let’s be real – cocktail meetings are going to get you a whole lot more kickass.

Little Owl coffee Denver Colorado

PHOTO: L to R – Kickass Marketing and Creative Owner, Carleen Clearwater and the fabulous, digital smarties Mikhail Leiter and Shuang Han from The Denver Post. Oh, and blurry is what you get when trying to take a group selfie on the hustle. Oh well, perfect sucks:)



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