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we love working with clients & partners that are kickin’ ass and makin’ names for themselves

Amanda Mountain

At Rocky Mountain PBS Network, we’ve worked with Carleen as a marketing consultant on everything from overarching strategy to branding and project work and she, frankly, kicks ass as whatever she does. Her expert knowledge teamed with her reliability make her a great partner in success.

Amanda Mountain - Executive Vice President/CMO

The Debt Free Guys

We are so happy to have Carleen and Kickass Marketing and Creative as part of our team for Debt Free Guys. With their help, we’ve turned a stale website into an active and engaging website that’s enhanced our strategy to connect with our followers and peers. This has increased our credibility and opportunity. Also, Carleen can work a room like no one else. If you need to make an impression at a networking party or industry event, Carleen will have everyone there talking about you and your business by the time you leave.

The Debt Free Guys - David Auten & John Schneider III

Pam Silverberg

Carleen with Kickass Marketing and Creative has definitely been the creative driver in my business. Most everyone in my industry says the same things when marketing our businesses. Working with Carleen has helped my company, Stacy’s Helping Hand rise above the “noise.” She is an amazing quarterback for my marketing team. She keeps me, as a small business owner, grounded while working behind the scenes to create much needed marketing systems and creative campaigns. She has helped make me and my clients smile.

Pam Silverberg - Senior Transition Specialist | CSA

David N. Thermos

Every business must discover and accept that which impedes its success through recognition of their own internal limitations regarding their ability to reach their target markets. Kickass Marketing became the piece of the puzzle that was missing in creating the core message of our products and services which resonates the aspirations of our customers. They were an integral strategic partner for accurately communicating how we provide value to our clientele.

David N. Thermos - Principal Architect | Founder