Carleen Clearwater | Owner/CMO | Kickass Marketing and Creative

Where I get it

I live, eat, breathe, sleep (or not sleep) marketing. It is not what I do, it is who I am. My mom says that I have been a PR/Marketing pro since the 3rd grade. I was using carbon copies to make promo flyers for my talent shows. Talent shows that I had created myself probably without telling teachers, much less asking permission. It’s not an ego thing, it is a sharing thing. It’s in my DNA to bring people together and collaborate to elevate. Together = kickass. It just does.

I get the passion to share and give from my mom who is the artist and teacher. I get the “I’m in charge” attitude, confidence to execute, and unwavering dedication from my dad. He is a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel and growing up I watched him earn respect through integrity and raising the bar. The bar, he taught me to raise it and hold it up – even under fire. Passionate + artistic + driven + dedicated + life long obsession = bulldog. I am literally like a bulldog with a bone when it comes to marketing your business.

My professional journey has been a collage of working for theatres, agencies, restaurant groups, local businesses, and two media groups. The all gave me perspective of different sides of the industry. The only thing they have in common is they were all ass kicking grinders for one reason or the other.  Wow. I have had the pleasure and privilege of working for and with some badass pros. So what did I do with more than 20 years experience putting butts in the seats for businesses, and multimedia publishing companies? I kicked open the doors for my own business – Kickass Marketing and Creative.

MY MISSION: To connect people to people, or people to brands, or people to products or events – whatever. It’s in my bones to connect people. Why? Simply because, it’s awesome and fun. And together we are bigger and better than ourselves. We kick ass.

Are you stuck?

Are you stuck with a dozen marketing mediums that all are spinning in different directions? Is your collateral collecting dust, because you have no idea where to start to update it? Let me help you wrangle in your brand. I have developed and managed creative and marketing strategies for a 15 multi-media brand portfolio and worked with 1000s of advertising clients and 100s of non profits from every end of the business spectrum. What I love most is working with small/medium sized businesses or in-house marketing teams when they need someone who can look at their business with a 360 perspective. I guide, shape, coach, protect, and nudge (ok push) businesses to get to kickass. I know how it goes.  You’re a business owner and have maxed every resource and cashed every favor to get where you are and you just need help to get to the next level. Or, you are a marketing team that is rockin’ and rollin’ but just need an outside point of view and a burst of energy and know-how to help you shape your next kickass campaign. Good news, you’re my kinda client.

Marketing isn’t magic; it’s a formula.

At Kickass Marketing and Creative we specialize in get down to the nitty gritty tactics and projects with challenging budgets. Looking for a passion infuser that can light a fire under any sales force or marketing team? Let us bring to your table actionable ideas and simple, yet sophisticated strategies that all go after revenue or reach. I am your team and my team is your team, because we thrive on taking our client’s success personally.

Let’s connect and kickass.

Let’s Connect and Get Started

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