9 Ways You Need to Kickass Before You’re a Marketing Grad

Forget Calm and Kickass On

9 Ways to Kickass Before You Graduate

  1. Learn right now, that no one owes you shit. Start hustlin’ your ass off and going after what you want right now.
  2. Get a damn business card. Watch my video and eliminate the suck.
    • BONUS: Want to really look like a pro and stand out? Get a professional name tag. Ooooh another kickass video for you.
    • PS – Stop using coolguy5783@gmail.com on that biz card.
    • DOUBLE BONUS – Get your url right now.
  3. Create an aggressive hit list of pros to start stalking right now and build your professional network. Like anything, expect a 5% return. Do the math. You gotta go bananas to get anywhere.
    • Stop asking pros to coffee. Ask for a 15 min. phone interview. We’d be total jerk-o-ramas if we said no right? Or, use those awesome social profiles and chat them up online as a fellow pro and skip the “I’m a student” thing all together.
    • It is perfectly acceptable to stalk them at events (BIG HINT YOU SHOULD BE GOING), introduce yourself, sling that card, and pick their brain.
  4. Live (and LEVERAGE!) a professional public brand – 70% of all employers search candidates online/social before hiring. Guessing in marketing that is more like 99.9999999%. Ah hell this means the profile pic too.
  5. Create a habit of surrounding yourself with kickass people.
    • BONUS: Especially people who are kickass at things you are not kickass at
    • DOUBLE BONUS: This will help you broaden your horizons and perspective and knowledge and overall badassary.
  6. Learn to attach yourself to the money. Results sell not skills. PowerPoints, Microsoft Office, conference tables, and sexy stats oh my!
  7. Get your elevator pitch ROCK SOLID- like 3 beers in and can still get it out smooth kinda rock solid.
  8. VOLUNTEER/DONATE: Give, give, give and give some more… then go back and ask how you can do even more. Your resume is thin and needs real meat on the bones. I average 400+ hours a year of volunteer/donated service.  Pssst this helps ya beef up that network too.
  9. Be able to sell what you bring to the table other than your bullets. What are you about?

Surround yourself with kickass people in order to kick ass.

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